Platforma<br />Stewarta (hexapod)
Stewart Platform (hexapod)

Motion platform with 6 Degrees Of Freedom (6DOF) powered by electric motors with the air assisted option.

The system enables dynamic and precise change in position of an object, of considerable size and weight, in the working area of the machine. Product specifications can be tailored to individual customer needs.


ATMX6000  is a product designed and manufactured by ODIUT Automex sp.z o.o.

Motion systems based on Stewart platforms (also known as: parallel robots/manipulators, hexapods) play a fundamental role in top-of-the-range vehicle simulators. The motion system's task is to deliver motion cues during the simulation. This is achieved by an appropriate control of the actuators (linear actuators with ball screws), to ensure a dynamic motion in six degrees of freedom in the moving platform's motion envelope.




ATMX6000 system was awarded International Fair Gold Medal at the TTM Automotive Technology Fair 2014 in Poznan.



Stewart platforms may be used in numerous applications such as:

  • educational vehicle simulators for initial qualification in accordance to EU directives,
  • civil, military and special task vehicles simulators,
  • civil and military aircraft simulators,
  • race car simulators,
  • entertainment simulators,
  • devices used for testing other equipment (generation of arbitrary trajectories in 6DOF),
  • manipulators in CNC lathe centres,
  • astronomy, for precise and highly robust positioning of measurement and observation equipment.


Nominal power:

13,5 kW

Maximal load's weight:

1200 kg

Maximal load's inertia:

Ixx=600 kg m2

Iyy=600 kg m2

Izz=600 kg m2


Maximal load's centre of gravity displacement in z axis:


600 mm

Number of degrees of freedom:


Power supply:

3x230 VAC

Platform's height in positions:

  • lowest: 900 mm

  • middle: 1170 mm

  • highest: 1440 mm

Linear motion range in x, y and z:

± 270 mm

Angular motion range about x, y and z:

± 22 deg

Maximal linear velocity in x, y and z:

420 mm/s

Maximal angular velocity about x, y and z:

35 deg/s

Maximal linear acceleration in x, y and z:

6 m/s2

Maximal angular acceleration about x, y and z:

430 deg/s2

Actuator stroke:

500 mm


 The above specification is a characteristic of one particular 6DOF motion system designed and produced by ODIUT Automex.