Driving simulators

Top of the range, full scale training and research simulators for truck, bus, passenger and special purpose vehicles.


In 2005 we started cooperation with the Norwegian company AutoSim AS, one of the leading providers of software solutions for high-performance driving simulators . At the moment, we accomplished a dozen common and successful projects in Europe.


The truck & bus simulators are certified for training according to EU-Directive 2003/59/EC.


Driver cabin


The simulator cabin consists of an original Scania, Volvo, or MAN truck cabin or customer selected chassis of passenger car.
The driving station includes all functions available in the corresponding original truck or car cabin.



 Nadwozie LanciaY


Selected features:

  • Original and interactive cabin interior.
  • ABS feedback simulation.
  • Adjustable steering wheel counter back force.
  • Configurable gear box.
  • Rear front and side mirrors are made using LCD monitors with a properly selected size.
  • The audio system reproduces the sounds received by the driver: the noise of the engine, wheels rolling on different surfaces, the sound of the wind and other vehicles around (Doppler effect simulation).
  • Adapting cabin delivered or selected by the customer.



Motion control


Top performance 3 or 6 Degrees Of Freedom (Stewart platform) motion system is responsible for generating cabin movement.




By default the 6DOF system is configured with ATMX6000 Stewart platform, which is developed and manufactured by ODIUT Automex sp. z o. o. On request other platform can be adapted.



Virtual reality


The visual driving environment is generated by PC’s. For all simulator models the front projection system optionally can consist of three rear projection screens, together covering a horizontal view of 180o (cylindrical 200o seamless screen solution is a standard setup).




The simulation environment is developed by AutoSim AS. The virtual world creates realistic traffic with heavy vehicles, cars, motorbikes, cyclists and pedestrians. The vehicles interact with each other and the interactive vehicle to give a natural flow of traffic. The traffic has been programmed to follow the normal traffic rules, but it can also be overridden by the exercise system to perform unexpected manoeuvres that test the driving skills and traffic understanding of the driver.


The exercise package covers basic driving skills, traffic understanding and safety. Each module provides feedback to the student, playback from different angles, a message from an instructor or on-screen text messages. Most exercises can be performed without an instructor present.

Simulators are delivered with visual databases featuring sceneries of cities, villages, highways, country roads, and mountain areas. Night driving and driving in different weather conditions like snow, rain, fog and wind are included. Our driving databases include gravelled, snow covered and asphalt roads.